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The top tax attorneys in Washington State are available to address your state and local tax needs. At the Gourley Law Group we like to think outside the box to get our clients the best results.

Our tax law attorneys work with individual taxpayers and business owners, providing taxation services, such as,

  • preventing & removing tax penalties,
  • audit counseling and representation,
  • resolving tax liens,
  • advising on tax liability, and
  • negotiating tax disputes & relief.

If you have a tax problem, it should be addressed swiftly; letting the issue linger can often be more costly.

Call the Gourley Law Group in Snohomish, Washington to schedule your free consultation with an experienced taxation attorney. We are well versed in the complexities of state and local tax code. Our tax law attorneys will guide you through documentation collection to prepare for audit, represent you or your business, and appear in court if needed.

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Department of Revenue (DOR)

We represent clients before the Department of Revenue as part of a tax audit, appeal, or license revocation. If you are faced with a DOR audit, they will likely go back 4 years, auditing your business files for taxes paid into excise, business and occupation, retail sales, use, and public utility taxes. An auditor will comb through your income, deductions and exemptions, and purchase documentation. Don’t face the audit alone.

If you’ve been contacted for audit, don’t say anything or provide any information regarding your tax situation without consulting a tax law attorney or qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA) first. Saying the wrong thing can cost you thousands!

Labor & Industries (L & I)

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has the authority to audit your business at random. They are notorious for imposing fines on small businesses for violations of obscure and impossible to follow employment tax structures.

The labor and industries tax lawyers at the Gourley Law Group have experience representing small and large businesses of Washington State. We can assist you through a L & I audit and appeals of wage reclassifications, imputed tax rates, or independent contractor issues. Don’t go it alone!

IRS—Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange

Our internal revenue practice is limited to the planning, structuring, implementation, and defense of section 1031 exchanges. Mr. Gourley has been teaching the subject of exchanges nationally for 20 years. The Gourley Law Group can assist you in structuring complex multi-asset and multi-state exchanges. Improved reverse and fractional interest exchanges can also be structured to meet your needs.

1031 tax exchanges are highly scrutinized by auditors. They are widely used and, without proper guidance from an experienced tax-deferred exchange lawyer, easily exploited for the gains of the investor. It is imperative that these exchanges meet the basic technical requirements, including

  • involved properties being of like-kind,
  • properties are used for trade, business, or investment, and
  • trades are completed within the specified time frame.

If you have a like-kind exchange under audit, Mr. Gourley can represent you before the IRS to minimize or eliminate your risk. Auditors often are not familiar with exchanges; educating them in the process to dispell their objections at the discussion stage can save you thousands.

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