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B. Craig Gourley Testimonials

“I have already recommended your firm to several other people!:)”

Terrie S.

“I was treated with dignity and respect! I was kept informed and when I had questions they were answered quickly and honestly!”

Marc M.

“I was lead through this unknown process with the utmost respect and sense of urgency. I was so grateful for the professionalism, expertise and empathy the entire team gave me and my case. They were so patient with me. I knew nothing about how to move forward and they took me through each step without fail!”

Julie B.

“Seem to take a long time but we had to go through a lot of hoops.”

Kimberly O.

“Craig spent aprx 30 mins on the phone letting me talk through my scenario and giving me his best unsolicited advice. I didn’t end up using his services but did use his advice to try and receive the best outcome. I believe he gave me great advice. I highly recommend considering Bryan to represent you or at least talking through your case. He seems like a honest human.”

A Satisfied Client

“Craig Gourley has been my lawyer in real estate and tax issues. He is absolute honest and hard working. I highly recommend Craig to anybody. He was very successful on my issues.”


“Craig has represented me and multiple members of my family for years. His legal advise on many matters, especially business and tax issues, is always spot on. Craig is an attorney of the highest integrity and I would trust him with any legal matter that arises.”


“Craig Gourley is a rare professional who will fight to the end for you with his ethical, incredibly intelligent, resourceful, honest, dedication to doing what is right. He has represented my family on numerous occasions with stunning success. Craig and his top shelf team truly are here to make an authentic difference in the world and have had a huge and positive impact on countless lives!”


“We have successfully resolved a number of issues with Mr. Gourley as our attorney. He is very professional and knowledgeable and we have been very pleased with each outcome.”


“Craig is a great attorney fair pricing and always responsive. Highly recommend him”

Paul D.

Dalynne Singleton Testimonials

“Dalynne provided the legal service we needed in a very straightforward and appropriate manner. She was the attorney that we had hoped we could find for our needs and would not hesitate to use her again. We were 100% satisfied. Our experience was 100% positive and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with the same needs as us.”

Greg S.

“She’s assisted on several cases for myself and family. She’s kick ass smart, tough when needed, organized & effective.”

Lorie P.

“My Attorney is Sensitive, Very caring, Sincere, treated me like a family member. Most definitely treated with respect and kept up to date on my case answered all my questions thoroughly. I’m extremely happy with my decision on hiring my Attorney and have already recommended her name to family and others with a similar situation as mine. She and her staff are a great team!

She was all over the Insurance companies that were not playing nice and got them turned around doing what they are supposed to do. I’m Extremely Happy with her representation of me and my case, she relieved me from a lot of stress working with me and my case. Thank you!”

Cheryl F.

“An excellent attorney, in my opinion, im glad i have hired her, to represent my interest in my moms estate. And so far she’s only proven that I made an awesome choice. I have a feeling that she will get the ball moving in a much quicker direction. till now The probate has been lagging due to poor choice and hiring a representative with only face value credentials. It is my hope that she will be able to turn this probate around in the right direction.”

A Satisfied Client

“Dalynne and her team were great to work with through a complicated estate settlement process.”


“Great Lawyer! Excellent client-centered representation”

Melissa H.

“Dalynne is a true professional when it comes to handling her client’s estate matters. I would recommend her to anyone needing help with their families estate.”

Amber O.

“Smart. Capable. Kind.”

Niran A.

“Hard to find an honest attorney ! Give them a call”

Dr. William

Stuart Martin Ainsley Testimonials

“Mr. Ainsley is a gentleman of high moral character, efficient, knowledgeable, informative and completely trustworthy. I would not hesitate to employ him again, nor would I hesitate to recommend him.”


“My wife and I recently purchased a commercial real estate property in Texas and Stuart was instrumental in guiding the transaction and seeing it through to its closure. We entered escrow with optimism that it would be a smooth transaction but gradually it became stressful and frustrating as the Seller continually changed her demands and took hard stances on several points. One major sticking point was the Seller’s unwillingness to comply with the terms of the executed contract for the Promissory Note and Deed of Trust.

With every twist and turn of the deal, Stuart was there to guide us and offer his insight on how we should proceed. Every time, his poised demeanor and brilliant advice would shed light and clear up oftentimes confusing situations. My wife and I are no experts in the real estate field, but Stuart was more than willing to explain legal terminology and the ramifications of all our options. In the end, his legal advice was critical to protecting our interests and we were able to successfully close the deal.

Stuart is a consummate professional and the epitome of an excellent lawyer. He is very accessible and reliable. Whenever I called him, he would go out of his way to take my call even when busy and he always followed through on what he said he would do. Stuart’s legal expertise is bar none and he pays close attention to details while also keeping an eye on the big picture. His rates are also very reasonable and fair.

I highly recommend Stuart for legal advice. For my next real estate transaction, Stuart will be the first person I call for legal advice and to protect my interests.”


“I’ve known Stuart for 20 years though only in the last few years have I connected for legal advice. He helped with a complicated residential sale for my mom’s 2nd home, which was part of a Trust. Since then, I have continued to return to him with other estate needs; I am trustee/caregiver for my mom, so I am routinely asking his advice.

He has just prepared a Service Agreement between my mom and I for my caregiving/nursing role. It is easily readable, lays out all of my responsibilities cleanly and makes for an excellent guiding document. Stuart crafted this great document in just a few days.

He is a brilliant attorney. A part of that brilliance is in his ability to listen carefully, absorb the content through his legal filters, then quickly respond with what I need to understand in language I can readily digest.

Another aspect of his brilliance is in his ability to handle difficult people.
He has keen listening skills, can readily articulate what the person wants, then calmly and matter-of-factly deliver a well-constructed response, in digestable language. Stuart is always professional, while remaining down-to-earth; he is such an easy person to work with. He is readily available by phone and e-mail, returning calls promptly. He has great work ethics and is a man of integrity. His billings are fair; I get excellent value.”


“Stuart Ainsley is an excellent attorney. He has represented us and clients of our business with real estate matters and contract law for 6 years. He is an honest, straight forward attorney who will not lead you wrong. He has my highest recommendation.”


“I have worked with Stuart for 16 years. He is genuine as can be. Any time I have a question he is responsive and if he doesn’t know the answer, he won’t BS you. He will re-direct you to the specialist that is needed. I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone.”


“I’ve known and used Stuart Ainsley as an attorney for almost 8 years. He is honest, forthright, and above all kept my interests first! He has very fine lawyering skills and even better people skills. He is a man you can trust.”


“Stuart Ainsley is not only a very talented man, he still adds the “rare” human element to his practice. Caring for his clients and understanding there needs in all aspects before taking the job.

I have known and used Stuart for his services for over 15 years now and would highly recommend him to anyone.”


“Stuart has been my attn. for over 20 years and we still use him because he always tries to do what is the best for us.”