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Entity Formation and Dissolution

LLCs , Corporations, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, & Tenancy in Common

You need a business law attorney that not only knows the law, but also the tax ramifications of your actions and choices. Sometimes merely changing the order in which you accomplish a goal can save you tens of thousands in taxes. At Gourley Law Group, we know how the tax codes affect your business. We prepare articles, bylaws, and operating agreements. We also advise on and prepare articles of dissolution and assist in liquidations. Our skilled business law attorneys have extensive experience in entity formation and dissolution, providing them the background to advise you in making strong choices and better business decisions.

Shareholder & Partner Disputes

Disputes between shareholders, members of LLCs, and partners can be emotionally charged and financially devastating. We offer mediation services to resolve issues without costly litigation. If mediation is not an option, we offer representation to shareholders, officers, and directors, bringing or defending litigation. If a dispute is brewing, consult one of our business law attorneys to determine your rights and the best path to resolution…before it gets out of control.


A well drafted contract lends confidence and predictability to your business relationships. A poorly drafted contract is a recipe for disaster and can lead to years of costly litigation. The purpose of a contract is not only to set forth, in writing, the expectations of the parties involved, but also to agree, in advance, how the relationship will end. A contract also clearly spells out what happens when one or more parties fail to meet their obligations. Once a conflict arises, the involved parties can rarely agree on anything; agreeing in advance to a method for resolving disputes can be a tremendous benefit. The contract experts at the Gourley Law Group can draw up new contracts or revise existing legal documents.

Breach of Contract

What do you do when someone breaches your agreement? Our breach of contract lawyers can review your case and layout options, such as,

  • mediation,
  • arbitration,
  • settlement, or
  • litigation.

How do you position or defend yourself if you are the one in breach? Let a breach of contract attorney at the Gourley Law Group review your situation and help you prepare a plan for resolution.


Are you owed a debt? We can bring litigation on your behalf, to collect what you are owed. Do you already have a judgment and now are in need of turning that decision into received payment? We can assist you by filing garnishments, as well as by executing on the debtor’s real estate or personal property.

If you are the debtor—if you owe on a debt—we can assist you in positioning yourself to avoid or reduce your liability.

Registered Agent Services

The State of Washington requires that every entity, corporation, and LLC have a registered agent. This registered agent is listed with the Secretary of State, and is the point of contact for the government, as well as anyone serving legal papers on the entity. The Gourley Law Group acts as registered agent for hundreds of clients who wish not to be listed on the Secretary of State web site and prefer all legal issues be served directly to their attorney.

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