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Gourley Law Group has a deeply-embedded philosophy to do it right, do it on time, and think outside the box for the best result with the least investment. We work closely with clients needing legal support so that they know their loved ones are in good hands.

Attorney Craig Gourley founded Gourley Law Group in 1991 to provide clients and their families exceptional representation in the Snohomish, Washington area.

When Do You Need A Family Law Matters Attorney?

Family lawyers offer various services for legal matters related to the family. Often, these matters are resolved via mediation or litigation.

You might seek a family lawyer at Gourley Law Group for guidance with the following:

  • Divorce;
  • Child custody and visitation, and parental rights;
  • Child support;
  • And more!

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Divorce Lawyer Services

Family Lawyer Snohomish Washington State

The reality is that divorces are complex and rely on the cooperation and compromising of individuals who are often at odds and, therefore, unable to do so effectively.

Gourley Law Group handles aspects of the divorce process to alleviate communication and legal stressors, such as:

Child Support Lawyer Services

Child support orders are made during the divorce process; however, that is not always the case. Child support attorneys also work with clients who need help obtaining or defending their child support in situations where they were never married to the child’s other parent. Working with an experienced family law attorney gives you the best chance of achieving the goals you have set for your family, as these attorneys understand the delicacy surrounding cases involving children and will plan a thorough and aggressive course of action.

The family law attorneys at Gourley Law Group promise consistent communication to minimize the stress accompanying disputes over child support.

In Snohomish, Washington, the law states that parents must support their minor children and provide necessities like shelter, clothes, food, and medical care. Child support is typically used to help pay for those mentioned above; however, parents may also be ordered to pay for extra-curricular or school-related activities and education or daycare costs.

Monthly child support is determined by a formula that considers the following:

Child support ends when the child turns eighteen or graduates from high school, whichever takes place later.

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Child Custody Lawyer Services

Family Lawyer Snohomish Washington State

Whether parents end their relationship or never had one, the child custody process can be emotionally taxing and complicated. Many parents cannot work out a plan together and require court intervention. The family attorneys at Gourley Law Group fight to help you navigate the legal process and resolve custody disputes amicably for both parties and the children.

In Washington State, shared custody is commonly awarded. Certain circumstances will grant one primary parent custody, with the other parent granted visitation rights. Judges in custody cases will consider various factors, including:

Our family attorneys work with clients and their loved ones to establish a case and provide clear evidence regarding the child’s best interest. The Gourley Law Group custody lawyers will explain the process and prepare you every step of the way.

What Sets Gourley Law Group Apart In Snohomish, Washington?

Whether you retain our services or not, you will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism because we genuinely care about the well-being of our community in Snohomish.

Our clients benefit from our dedicated advocacy and almost four decades of experience. Gourley Law Group sets the standard for ethical and reasonable legal assistance, especially regarding families.

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If you have questions about a family lawyer, consult Attorney Craig Gourley at Gourley Law Group. Discussing your options with a legal professional can result in the clarity that you and your family deserve. If you live in or near Snohomish, Washington, call (360) 323-2885 or visit our website for expert assistance.

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